Saturday, June 10, 2006

MY art

hopefully Ill be able to blog and figure all this out! its all so new to me LOL

This is a group of mine on yahoo, for trading fabric and paper atcs, LOTS of fun things going on!
Art by our wonderful members, Rose, Carolyn, Terry and Cindy! Welcome to Fabric and paper ATCs { ARTIST TRADING CARDS}We're trading Fabric atcs and art cards. We ask that you stay true to the standard atc sizing of 2.5 x 3.5 inches and that the cards you make fit into a regular artist trading card sleeve. THIS GROUP IS ALL ABOUT MAKING AND TRADING ATCS,AS WELL AS NEW FRIENDS. WE ARE TRADING 2PAPERS FOR 1 FABRIC ATC. This is the suggested rule here.Paper cards are traded one for one. We of course understand that some will desire different trading requests. This rule by no mean excludes discussion among trading partners. Feel free to discuss, the atc police will not come knocking at your door to haul you away for making a differnt trade than what is specified on the front page. We're all adults and are free to trade as both partners agree. EVERY ONE IS WECLOME ! Have fun and be NICE.

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