Friday, April 04, 2008

Jack sparrow glass engraving

Jack sparrow glass engraving
Originally uploaded by rosebudinnh
Ive been working on this for a month and findly done. I engraved the glass then used stazon red and black inks to color.


Faye said...

Rose, what a fabulous piece of art work! How did you engrave the glass? I'd like to see a write=up of what you did to get this.

rosebudinnh said...

I used a dremel engraver you can buy them at home depo, I use a diamond cut drill piece. lay your drawing undr the glass and follow with engraver. That s it. Rose

Francine said...

You have the patience of a saint!
That is beautiful!
And what is your obsession with my man? LOL

Eastjewels said...

Wow this is awesome...I am a Jack Sparrow fan also...I got the Pirates of the Caribbean book off of the clearence table at Borders last week (it was originally $20 and I got it for $5) It was put out by is full of great pics, maps, notes, secrets and textures...there is not 1 pic in the whole book as good as yours. Thanks for sharing you work, it is great.
Linda (Okla)
PS..Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words about my "Round Book"