Tuesday, October 19, 2010

making paper rosettes

how to make rosettes, oh so pretty.

how to make paper rosettes, I’ve found that differnt lengths of paper strips will makes a differnt look full or fanned. The width of the paper is differnt so play around to see what you’d like. It depends on if your using them for a larger object or not.like a big gift, or a scrap book page.. All depends on what you like.

First I cut a straight edge ,and then a fancy dancy scissors cut, for a more interesting effect.

Now fold tight accordian style flipping back and fourth, I used my fingers to fold, or you could use a bone folder. If you want a fuller fan ;add more paper strips.{Glue , OH I use FABRI- TAC } could use a glue gun. just need a good glue .

nice tight folds.

now punch out a circle to glue to the bottom side of the rosette. Glue needs to be a strong one so that it wont pop back up. remember to glue the bottom first, You can leave it plain with a small circle on top or decorate with 2 or more circles, of differnt sizes. maybe add a charm on it. explore have fun with it.

stamp or write a message in center of circle

I added a button jem to this one , oh so PRETTY…… cant wait to see yours……..

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