Thursday, September 22, 2011

mad hatter hat

my mad hatter hat  rosebudinn​h
other link to this hat
Now Glue fabric around the edge of foam board. tight. A Stretchy material would work great, I had some cotton so I used it instead. Finish glueing the seams down good and tight. the length need to be long enough to glue up inside bottom inside the hat
This is the brim  of the hat.  remember it needs to be in uniform with the hat, sew Or glue the two pieces of cloth together , cut out the center .then measure the wire to fit inside the brim. I used 16 gauge wire, for this and for the hat pins.
Now glue the brim as shown..I used fabri-tac glue ..

Next step  is to paint the materal black. may need 2 coats.
painted the top inside area, You could stamp designs or add black lace to it
made sach out of some quilt material I had , glued it together, I hate sewing. LOL...
hat pins are wires cut added some E-6000 to the beads for glue, and the larger items are buttons I added to the pins. then bent the wires on the end.
make a tag 10/6  arange everything on the hat...  done.... so easy......​. takes about 5 hours...
painted white lace dollies faned them and added jem. I Just need a peacock feather, and its done.....
and One of my paper rosettes for the front..

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