Sunday, March 04, 2012

new project my Boston Bruins bear ,,,,,,,,,Hes not finished ..

My newest project a Boston Bruins teddy bear. I need to design a spoked B or buy one and sew on his tummy. The original pattern was a calico type, but I made a few changes..
I ve been trying to get motivated to sew again, Lucky for me Shirl and Ang, came for a visit and cheered me up, They gave me the positive attitude to go on with this project. Thanks girls.......
the head was a bit confusing but alas I figured it out. and kind of changed it a bit.

There's a lot of hand sewing in this pattern the back of  his arms , legs, and plus the front of his neck and his back.
I love him so cute.... cant wait to get the B for his chest.

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