Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lisa Kerpoe the author of Visual texture on Fabric was on Crafty Link

This Tuesday March 23rd at 12AM EST Martiel will be interviewing Lisa Kerpoe the author of Visual texture on Fabric. Join us for this fun interview on Tuesday Shmoozeday.  There was Give aways and so much fun….

There was so much excitement everyone had a great time with questions for her, And Martiel did an awsome job, as always…  Then the book give away came and  I WON !!!!! HOOT HOOT !!! I am Still bouncing off the walls HAHA.. There was also fabric samples that were won.. I wish I could remember who won … BUT someone knows add it in the comments .. thanks… because mostly it sounded like Charlie browns teacher after I heard my name… LOL…   you should come and join in the crafty fun there… its free to join and  the groups are free also… some classes are paid .But it s only $5.00 or $10.00 and you get weeks work of information , and files. to help you later, as refresher.
See you there………………..

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